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The demand for business people who know chinese is growing every day. Speaking even a few words of chinese can improve your international business relations! Did you know that chinese is the number one spoken language in the world! Indeed, there are more people speaking chinese than english. There are more than 1 billion people who speak chinese. Take chinese lessons now with Learnissimo!

Top five reasons why you should start taking chinese lessons:

Chinese lessons are mentally stimulating and fun! It is proven that taking chinese lessons can improve your mental power. Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world. Traditional chinese culture, from Confucianism and Chan Buddhism to martial arts, has an enormous influence on East and Southeast Asian nations. If you know 1000 commonly used characters, you will recognize 90% of the characters on chinese newspapers! Chinese cuisine is great! So, start taking chinese lessons right now with Learnissimo: our chinese teachers are waiting for you!

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