Why take italian lessons?

Italian is a beautiful language! Italy is a beautiful country!

Maybe you fell in love with Rome or Venice on your last trip to Italy, or maybe you simply fell in love with a handsome italian! Your grandparents may have emigrated from Italy, so you want to investigate your family history. Maybe you are a musician who wants to learn what adagio or allegro mean… Or maybe you heard that it's easier to learn italian as opposed to english. Start learning italian now! You can discover a new world when learning italian!

Top four reasons to learn italian:

Order pasta with confidence at an italian restaurant; stop relying on subtitles when watching italian-language movies, get directions in italian on your next visit to Firenze, choose the right size at the Armani boutique in Rome without guessing! Start taking italian lessons with Learnissimo: great italian teachers are waiting for you!

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