Who are we?

Learnissimo: the innovative answer to language-learning.

Learnissimo was launched in 2007 as a ground-breaking approach to language learning through video-conference conversation courses with native-speaking teachers. This highly original concept provides the perfect solution to the most frequent learner issues:

  • «I don’t have time». With Learnissimo, you just log in on your computer for your private video-conference lesson on the agreed day, at the agreed time.
  • «I tend to get discouraged». With Learnissimo you are not bound to continue with a given teacher for a given number of hours. You can switch whenever you please, so each Learnissimo professor is extra motivated to keep you motivated too!
  • «It’s too expensive». Learnissimo’s prices are competitive because everything is done from home: no premisses and no transport costs, for teachers or for you.

Our teachers

Learnissimo teachers are selected according to strict criteria concerning their linguistic and pedagogic skills and their ability to teach online. Every teacher:

  • has a foreign-language Teaching Diploma or long-standing teaching experience in specific fields such as marketing, sales, export, etc.
  • is highly motivated and talented for interacting online.
  • adapts the pedagogy and course content to personal needs and learner profile.

We want you to make rapid progress and appreciate our service. The fact that you can choose your teachers will maximize your progress and sustain your motivation. The one-to-one formula will ensure that your understanding and speaking skills are optimized to the full.

Learnissimo is present on all continents through its affiliates and partners