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Speaking and understanding portuguese will help you better dance salsa in Rio!

All kidding aside, the portuguese culture has a long and rich tradition which is a good reason to start to learn portuguese. Few people know that portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world. Did you know that portuguese is spoken by approximately 250 million people all over the world: Portugal, Brazil, Africa, Asia and, of course by many immigrants in Canada and in the USA. Portuguese language is closely related to spanish and italian languages, and just like them is quite easy to pronounce and easy to read for a native english speaker. Learning portuguese will open doors to many other possibilities, both intellectual and practical ones, which you will experience as you progress when learning the portuguese language. Since spanish is considered its sister language, It has been said that fluent spanish speakers can become very good speakers of portuguese in less than three months. So, start taking portuguese lessons right now on Learnissimo: our portuguese teachers are waiting for you!

Top five reasons why you should start taking portuguese lessons:

Portuguese is the 6th language of the world. Portuguese language is the second most geographic European language after english. More people speak portuguese than french, german, italian or japanese. Brazil covers one half of the area of South America; Brazil is also the second industrial power of the Americas and is the 8th economy of the world. Portuguese is easy to learn for english speakers and for spanish and french students.

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