Why take spanish lessons?

Being fluent in spanish enables to communicate with millions of people

You probably know that spanish is a very popular second language: with more than 450 million native speakers, it's the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world (after english, chinese and hindi), and some people say that it has more native speakers than english does. It is an official language on four continents. Start taking spanish lessons with Learnissimo: great spanish teachers are waiting for you!

Top four reasons to learn spanish:

There are plenty of reasons to learn spanish. Here are the four most important reasons: Better understand english! Much of the vocabulary of english has Latin roots, much of which came to english by way of french. Since spanish is also a Latin language, you will find when learning spanish that you have a better understanding of your native vocabulary and grammar. Travel: of course, you can visit Mexico, Spain and even Equatorial Guinea without speaking a word of spanish. But it is better to speak and understand it! Cultural understanding: being able to speak and read spanish offers a wealth of literature, movies, and music, both modern and traditional. Learning spanish is easy: spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn. Much of its vocabulary is similar to english's, and written spanish is almost completely phonetic: look at almost any spanish word and you can tell how it is pronounced. And while mastering the grammar of spanish can be a challenge, basic grammar is straightforward enough that you can have meaningful communication after only a few lessons.

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